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Here's what people are saying about HIITZHOP®



“Since I started my weight loss and fitness journey a year and a half ago, I have grown to LOVE the challenge of a high intensity cardio workout.  I have always loved Zumba®, but tried my first HIIT workout last year and loved that, too.  HIITZHOP® is exactly what I have been missing in my cardio workouts.  I still love Zumba and HIIT, but with HIITzHop, I get the blend of HIIT AND dance fitness that I love so much.  Plus, I burn an average of 400-500 calories per class in 40-45 minutes.  You can’t beat that!  Since June 1st, I’ve honed in on my nutrition and by focusing my  cardio workouts solely on HIITZHOP® with blended strength training, I’ve lost 25 pounds!!”


"I LOVE jamming to new beats and old throwbacks. It always feels like I’m having a dance/workout session with friends. The little community that we have created this far feels so supportive and encouraging!"

Break Dance Crew


"I love to dance, but I also need the fitness part. I really enjoy getting my fitness done while getting to dance at the same time. I hate to run, but sometimes have to. Doing HIITZHOP® has increased my stamina, and I am now able to run longer distances!"

Summer J.jpg

Summer, Platinum Club Member

HIITZHOP® is exactly what I have been looking for!! I love the high intensity moves while dancing to hip hop music!! 

Gisella O.jpg

Gisella, Platinum Club Member

Liz and this class have been life saving during this Pandemic!  I am one that takes classes taught at the gym and, once Covid-19 hit, I was in a downward spiral. This class has been my saving grace. I love Zumba® but I have now fallen in love with HIITZHOP® as well!! I was able to drop a whole dress size in time for my cousin's wedding, and I must say that I looked FABULOUS! I still have a ways to go, but I am heading in the right direction. I have yet to return to the gym, but for now HIITZHOP® classes along with Liz's encouragement and motivation, with lifestyle modifications are working very well for me!

Candice M.jpg

Candice, Platinum Club Member

Before HIITZHOP®, I had lost my way in fitness, which was horrible for me as I am a certified trainer and instructor. For many years I had been a collegiate athlete, bodybuilder and fitness instructor. Over the last year, my passion and fire was gone. After a devastating miscarriage, I packed on around 25 lbs that I could not drop and it broke my spirit. Countless hours in the gym and doing cardio yielded very little results for months. When I saw Liz had created a new format, I was eager to try something new in hopes that it would jump start my love for fitness again! AND HIITZHOP® did just that!!! In under 2 months, I dropped almost 15 lbs and more importantly, gained MYSELF back! I love dancing and grooving to the music while also busting my butt during the high intensity portions! From a fitness professional to another ... HIITZHOP® WORKS!




2020 started off with a bang: like Atomic Bomb type bang. And then the fires started... And this was before Covid hit. My last living grandmother (92 years old) entered hospice in November and slowly declined... she passed at the end of June.  The day before her funeral, I got a call from my cousin on my dad's side to tell me that his father (my dad's only living brother) just had surgery to remove his bladder and prostate  (cancer), but was having complications from the surgery. He passed in early August. All the while, my first ship, like U.S. Navy vessel, became a victim of arson... The photos of that destruction... And the memories we made on that ship... People who really mattered to me that I last saw aboard her... And that's just the stuff I can talk about... 


So what didn't go wrong in 2020 you ask? My weight... My fitness level... My motivation... Why?? HIITZHOP®. When sadness and depression overwhelmed me, I kept my word. I made a commitment to the Instructor/Founder. I made a commitment to the other Test Group Members. When the commitment to myself wasn't enough, I had them. And that community has been so supportive through wins and losses, no matter how big or small. 


Not only does this format bring back all my old school favorites, but it pushes me in ways I hate to be pushed (tuck jumps and neverending burpees)... However, you'll see results. I do everyday. Form is a better; knees are a little higher; endurance has improved; I can do more than I could the last time. That's because Liz is the real deal. She actually cares. She wants to see people succeed. And she pushes right alongside you. 


Push as hard as you can then swag it out to recover. And somewhere in-between you might find yourself and a crew that supports you through it all. 

-Meghan Roll, Certified HIITZHOP® Instructor, Executive Director of Communications


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