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Elizabeth Davis BS, MS Exercise Physiologist, Founder and CEO of His Temple Fitness Co, and Host of the Spiritually Fit Podcast

Liz Davis was born and raised just outside of New York City on the central portion of Long Island. Liz grew up dancing and performing, as well as competing in gymnastics and track all through high school. She developed a love for health and fitness midway through her high school career, after an injury sidelined her and she was forced to maintain her strength and stamina for her respective sports. She asked for a gym membership for Christmas her Junior year of high school and fell in love with weightlifting and strength training. 


Upon graduating from high school, she went on to compete in Division II collegiate track and majored in Exercise and Human Performance Science at Adelphi University. While completing her undergraduate degree, she became a Certified Exercise Physiologist with the American College of Sports Medicine, and began her career as a personal trainer at a local Medical Fitness Facility.  Stumbling upon group fitness almost by accident, Liz was the only one of the four Graduate Assistants at Adelphi University, who had had any experience in group exercise, so she was therefore the GA assigned to teach the undergraduate step aerobics classes for physical education majors. After obtaining her Master's Degree in Exercise Physiology from Adelphi University in 2008, she moved with now-husband, Keith, to his home in Ohio, where she has been working in corporate, commercial and clinical fitness settings ever since. Liz has owned and operated a number of fitness entities, including her own private coaching business. From 2013-2016 she competed in the figure division of both the NPC and NGA bodybuilding organizations.


A Group Fitness Instructor since 2007, Liz developed a successful fitness program called HIITZHOP during the COVID-19 pandemic, when students were requesting both Tabata and HIIT classes, as well as various dance fitness classes. As a mom of three young children, the youngest being 4 months when the pandemic hit and a husband on the frontlines, finding the time to teach so many virtual classes became impossible. That was when the idea for HIITZHOP was born. HIITZHOP combined the high intensity interval training type exercises with dance moves to hip hop, rap, r&b, dancehall and a few other similar music genres. Students, friends and family from across the country immediately took to the format and classes just took off from there!

A year into teaching the format, traveling, streaming classes and instructing locally to all types of secular music, Liz, who has been a born-again Christian since 2009, felt a deep conviction about not only the music she was using but some of the more suggestive dance moves as well. When paired with extremely suggestive and vulgar lyrics, Liz realized she wanted to set a different precedent for her two young daughters. While running on the treadmill soon after, Christian Hip Hop, Christian Rap, Afrogospel, Christian Pop etc came streaming one song after the other in her airpods.  It was then that God placed it on her heart to completely re-work and re-brand HIITZHOP to be a Christian Dance Fitness brand. After months and months of praying over a name, God spoke HIZHOP (for HIM) to her one day while driving down the highway. 

Shortly after making the decision to turn her fitness business into a fitness ministry, Liz lost one of the closest people to her and one of her biggest spiritual mentors, her father in law Keith.  To help cope with the grief and anxiety, Liz threw herself back into her high intensity training, bodybuilding style weight training and also for the first time in her life, started practicing yoga and meditation using a Christian meditation app. Realizing how much both heavy lifting and deep breathing while stretching helped deliver her from panic attacks and crippling health anxiety, Liz had the idea to develop other programs to Christian music as well. She then used God's guidance and wisdom, along with her nearly 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, to develop HIZSTRENGTH and HIZFLOW. 

Using her experience as a certified WellCoach in the corporate wellness area, Liz also decided to develop a one-on-one Biblically based wellness program, to help women work towards becoming their best physical and spiritually fit self! The Living Well program incorporates Biblical principles into traditional health and wellness coaching. 


Bringing people to Jesus and helping women live their lives to the fullest, is the main mission of HTFCo.

Thank you for being here and we look forward to working and worshipping with you very soon!

"For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come." 1Timothy4:8

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